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Certified Eating Disorder Coach (CCIEDC) Sarah Lee has been in practice since 2016, possessing four professional coaching certifications. She helps many people yet specializes in female adolescents and believers of the Christian faith. Before entering the mental health field, Sarah held various leadership positions in the banking-corporate world for over eighteen years. Immediately after leaving banking, she began working alongside her love as CFO for his radio broadcasting company. She brings both her professional background and own lived recovery experience into her coaching practice.
While in her twenties, Sarah secretly struggled with Bulimia for almost seven years but, on the outside, presented to all as a high-functioning and successful individual in most aspects of her life. However, the physical damage began to catch up with her, and after a major medical scare, she went straight into recovery and found her freedom from Bulimia in 2006. After her mother passed away at just 61 years old in 2013 due to a variety of diagnoses and complications believed to have stemmed from her life-long battle with food and weight, Sarah soon felt a calling to gain the education needed to help other girls and women break free from disordered eating and find peace. She is passionate about helping each of her clients and willingly jumps all-in to each of their journeys. As a result, most who work with Sarah will say she is so much more than just a coach.
Personally, Sarah loves spending time with her family, specifically her love, Don, son, Bruce, daughter-in-law, Madi, grandson, Lazarus, and her very spoiled Schnauzer, Oreo! She would have many furbabies if she could, and she even wanted to be a veterinarian when she was little, but helping others conquer Bulimia and other eating disorders, is her chief priority, and that takes time. She loves experiencing the rustic serenity of nature yet also the elegance and pleasure of fine dining. Writing poetry also flows easily from her heart and mind.

Sarah Lee

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Merrit Elizabeth Stahle is a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach providing virtual recovery care to clients around the globe. After struggling with bulimia throughout high school and college, she finally embraced the power of subtle “shifts“ that eventually led to full recovery. Merrit now utilizes her lived experience to work with female clients ready to shift their mindset and nourish their bodies in order to find long-lasting recovery. 

As the co-creator of “Conquering Bulimia,” Merrit is passionate about eating disorder education and providing recovery care that empowers clients to continue living a full life on campus or at home. She is known for her unique coaching philosophy which combines the principles of neuroscience and positive psychology with gentle mindfulness practices. By implementing gratitude and forgiveness, Merrit helps clients to dampen the guilt and shame of bulimia.

Merrit earned a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management degree from Southern Methodist University where she earned multiple undergraduate degrees and was a member of the Robert S. Hyer Honor Society. Merrit was supervised by renowned eating disorder therapist Carolyn Costin before earning her eating disorder recovery coaching certification from the Carolyn Costin Institute.

Merrit is based in Dallas and enjoys visiting her family and beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in St. Louis, Missouri. As an avid traveler, she loves seeking out new restaurants. On weekends she can usually be found in her favorite local meditation and breathwork studio or with a matcha latte in hand.

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Merrit Elizabeth